Melissia Joseph-Bailey started her journey at The St. Vincent Cooperative Bank on August 3rd, 2003. She was assigned to the Customer Service/Savings dept as a Teller. Five years later, Melissia’s eagerness and willingness to learn and grow, landed her a position within the Loans Department. In this position, Melissia has grown as a professional and have been instrumental in growing the Loans Portfolio.

Melissia can be described as a deeply family oriented individual. She always put her family first!  Melissia strongly believe in the tenets of loyalty, honesty and integrity. Her up-bringing and progressive attitudes have allowed her to be a self-motivated individual, who strive for continuously learning and personal development.

Melissia is inspired by persons who define their goals and their determination to accomplish them.  From a very young age, Melissia’s career path has been to work with numbers. She saw gaining employment in the Banking Industry as an avenue for her to do so while assisting others. When the opportunity to work in the Loans Department became available, Melissia embraced it as she was convinced she would be able to use her numerical and interpersonal skills to create an impact in other people’s lives.  The ability to listen attentively, speak positively, think critically and work collaboratively contributes to her success as Senior Loans Officer.

Melissia’s advice for someone interested in working in the Banking Industry as a Loans Officer is to understand and embrace the responsibilities that comes with the job, respect others (do not discriminate) and be open to continuous learning and development of self.