St Vincent Co-operative Bank Ltd, “The Penny Bank” has taken it’s banking operation mobile. Customers will now have access to their account through online banking. The move has been made in a record setting 8 days with popular mobile-banking provider Mobilearth.

Albert Porter, Executive Director fo The St. Vincent Co-operative Bank Ltd said “St. Vincent Co-operative Bank is committed to providing exceptional service and banking solutions to our customers, especially during these difficult times. We are always looking for innovative solutions and have chosen Mobilearth to provide us with the web banking and MobiBanking app. We appreciate how quickly we went from signing up to pilot ready within a week and a half.  This technology will enable us to continue serving our customers with excellence and fulfil their banking needs.“.

With a team of dedicated staff, the bank was able to work along with Mobilearth to have live testing available within an unprecedented 8 days. Customers will be able to do their banking on computers and mobile devices. This comes as great news in a time where social distancing is encouraged and the need for doing things virtually has become the new reality.