To celebrate 75 years of making your pennies count, the SVCB is giving 75 FREE internet packages to our Penny Savers account holders!

To qualify, open a new Penny Savers account or refer someone to open a new Penny Savers account. It only takes $10 to open a Penny Savers Account and the bank will match $10.

Persons who already have an active Penny Savers account are automatically eligible. A Flow Internet application form must also be completed. Winners will be drawn weekly.

SVCB terms and conditions apply.

How do I qualify for the promotion/FREE internet?
Customer must do one of the following in order to qualify

  1. Open a new Penny saver Account
  2. Have an Active Penny Saver account & made deposits within the last 6 months
  3. Have been a Penny Saver for the last 3 years
  4. Refer a friend and both parties become eligible

Can I open multiple Penney Savers account?
Yes.  An adult can open more than one account for more than one child (children) or ward.

Can an adult win if they open a regular savings account or have been with the bank for the past three years and have an active account?
No.  Anyone opening a regular savings account or have been with the bank and has an active account WILL NOT qualify.  This is for Penny Savers ONLY.

After the one year, can I keep the internet service?
Yes.  However, the bank will no longer be financing the cost of the service.  The customer will have to make arrangement with the service provider (FLOW) in order to make new arrangements.

Would I have pay anything to FLOW?
No. ALL cost will be covered by the bank for 12 months (1 year).

Can Staff qualify for the promotion?
No, Staff cannot take part in the promotion, but staff can refer family members and friends to sign up.